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Our Story

Oldani Brothers is a family-owned silversmithing workshop whose craftsmen have been creating beautiful sterling silver and pewter trophies and giftware for over 70 years. Our trophies feature a stylish modern look blended with the traditional work of classic American designers from Preisner Silver all the way back to America's founding silversmith, Paul Revere. All of our trophies are handcrafted and made to order by our master silversmiths.

Every trophy begins as flat, circular pieces of sterling. In a method not unlike shaping clay on a pottery wheel, these circular blanks are formed with hardened steel hand tools on a high speed lathe. Once they are shaped into the trophy's component parts, the pieces are welded together with silver solder using an open torch. Handles and finials are cast from solid sterling via the lost wax casting process and attached to the trophy using the same torch soldering. The trophy then goes through a series of polishing steps using different compounds and wheels designed to bring the metal to a mirror shine.

In the last step of production we add the personalized engraving that dedicates the trophy for its championship event. Each year winners are inscribed to trace the lineage of victors back to the founding year.

Awards that reflect the glow of champions.

Choose from our select designs of the most talented silversmiths of the past century or work with our designers to create the perfect custom award for your tournament, event, or championship.

Custom Silver Trophies

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Abbey Street Golf Trophy

Our Workshop

Our silversmiths apprentice for ten years before becoming masters of their craft. When designing custom pieces, we also build the tools needed to shape and cut the metal exactly as required.

Mint Julep Cups

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Award Trays

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