Custom 3D Medallions for Trophies and Awards

Engraving has always been the standard for personalized awards, and while engraving is still the most cost effective and customizable way to dedicate a prize, technology is making it easier than ever to bring your trophy to the next level. Oldani Brothers now offers custom-made 3D lettering and logos that for branding or dedicating awards, gifts, and trophies. Until recently, these options have often been prohibitively expensive, but improvements in the design process have decreased the cost and expanded what you get for the money.

Custom Medallion Gold Plated on Trophy Cup

Creating Models By Hand

Previously, new designs were all hand sculpted from clay before beginning the process of converting the clay model to a rubber or bronze mold for pewter casting. It takes time, money, and a skilled artist to make all that happen. This also means that once the piece is made, the size is set. If you want to add it to a different award, you will need to start over from scratch and sculpt the piece again.

Because of this, 3D models had a very high initial price and weren't usable for more than one application. That limited their use to mass produced products where the initial costs could be defrayed by production volume.

Hand-sculpted models typically take at least 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece.

3D Printed Resin Models

Early 3D printing methods also left a lot to be desired when creating these models. Heavy memory marks left by the printer would obscure details and needed to be removed by hand. Newer methods have eliminated memory marks and allowed fine details without the need for meticulous handwork.

One of the biggest advantages to 3D printing, is that once the artwork is complete, it can be resized to fit any award very quickly and easily. This allows you to create one design and broadly apply it to a number of different trophies or awards.

To get started on a design, all we need is a high quality photo or vector artwork.

Designing and creating a 3D printed model typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Color Fill, Gold-Plated, and More Finishes

Once we've got the artwork for your model, you can choose a finish. Our current standard finishes are color filled, gold plated, and antique.

Color Filled Logo

For lettering, logos, and other 2D artwork, we can use acrylics to add your colors to the piece. This is mainly available on flat designs.


Silver and gold are the classic combination, and gold adds exceptional contrast to sterling silver or pewter awards. We use a 24k bright gold to give it a quality presentation.

Pewter mint julep cup with a gold plated medallion


An antique finish involves darkening the medallion and then relieving it so that the foreground stands out bright and the background remains dark. It provides excellent contrast while keeping the silver color of the metal.

Applications Including Trophies, College Gifts, and Corporate Awards

As a silversmithing workshop, we typically work with either fine pewter or sterling silver although we sometimes work in brass, copper, or a variety of other metals and wood. These medallions can go on any of our products or be converted to attach to glass, crystal, or wood.