Our Story

Oldani Brothers is a family-owned silver, pewter, and silverware company. We cater to formal occasions, celebrations, and award ceremonies.

Our master craftsmen have mastered the fine skills handed down by the original Preisner Pewter Company and are creating high-quality silver and pewter awards and specialty pieces for more than seven decades.

Some of our product lines extend back as early as 1919

We specialize in unique, custom trophies, mint julep cups, and gifts to celebrate any occasion.

Today, Oldani Brothers has incorporated several other product lines that continue to be made proudly in the USA:

  • Preisner Pewter
  • Bates & Klinke
  • B&J Manufacturing
  • Valerio Albarello
  • Connecticut House Pewterers

Our Craftsmen

Our artisans began work with an apprenticeship to Ben Preisner in the 1970's, whose family has been in the silver business for generations. After the apprenticeship their paths diverged as they pursued careers with different companies. Years later, with extensive experience behind them, they have reunited to carry on the legacy and quality of the Preisner name at Oldani Brothers.

Our silversmiths apprentice for ten years before becoming masters of their craft.

Our craftsmen showing how Oldani Brothers make mint julep cups

Our craftsmen use time-honored hand spinning techniques to shape the body of each piece on a high-speed lathe. Handles, ingots, and small figurines are cast using hand-sculpted models and affixed with care at our soldering station.

Our Workshop

When designing custom pieces, we also build the tools needed to shape and cut the metal exactly as required.

The modern precision of our in-house diamond-tipped, digital engraver aesthetically matches the art of hand engraving in custom prints and designs.

Engraving machine for golf trophy customization

Finally, our polishers add the beautiful shine that brings each piece to life.

Sterling silver and pewter trophies for tournaments and golf competitions

Each trophy is handmade to your exact specifications by our skilled artisans.

Contact us directly for help creating a unique personalized design.

Contact Us

Email: sales@oldanibrothers.com

Phone: (203) 630-6565

Fax: (203) 630-0128