About Us

Located in Meriden, Ct, nicknamed Silver City, our master craftsmen have been creating beautiful sterling and pewter designs for over 70 years. All of our products are handmade right here in Connecticut. Choose from our extensive catalog of existing designs, or contact us directly for help creating a unique personalized design.

Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods proudly produces the Preisner Pewter, Valerio Albarello, and Connecticut House lines of sterling silver and fine pewter.

Our Craftsmen

Our artisans began work with an apprenticeship to Ben Preisner in the 1970's, whose family has been in the silver business for generations. After the apprenticeship their paths diverged as they pursued careers with different companies. Years later, with extensive experience behind them, they have reunited to carry on the legacy and quality of the Preisner name at Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods.

Over the years, we have created works for many companies known for their quality including Tiffany's & Co, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, and Preisner Silver, among others.

In the workshop, blank circles of metal are taken and formed over molds on the spinning machine (pictured on our home page). When designing custom pieces, we also build the tools needed to shape and cut the metal exactly as required.

After we create the individual pieces, they are soldered together so that the metal fits seamlessly. After the product is soldered, it is buffed to either a bright or satin shine.

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