800 Series Trophies
800 Series Trophies

800 Series Trophies

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The 800 series is one of our most popular trophy designs. It features a slender look with wingless rising arch handles. Trophies can come with or without a base and lid. Several different styles of handles are also available upon request.

The 800 series comes in 5 different sizes:

  1. TR800 - 12"H, 5.25"D, 9.75"W
  2. TR801 - 10"H, 4.25"D, 8.25"W
  3. TR802 - 9"H, 4"D, 7.5"W
  4. TR803 - 6.75"H, 3"D, 4"W
  5. TR804 - 4.5"H, 2.25"D, 4"W

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We engrave any emblem, crest, or logo, along with the details of the competition on the side of the trophy to your exact specifications. To have a picture engraved or for any other questions please email us at:


or call at:

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