Trophy of the Week : March 26th, 2023

650 Series XL with Custom Medallion and Multi-Tiered Base

Custom Pewter Trophy with 3D Medallion Horse Reigning Championship

This week we finished a custom redesign of our 650 Series XL trophy in pewter. Our client wanted a substantial trophy for their horse reigning championship that was customized to their event with a 3D medallion on the face. In order to make this, we had to add several modifications to existing trophy and make the medallion from scratch based on a design that they provided.

Making the Trophy

We started with the TR656 XL trophy. It has a wide, 12" diameter bowl with a smaller pedestal that lends itself well to a base, or multiple bases in this case. Typically if we made this trophy without a base, we would make the pedestal a bit more prominent to balance out the bowl. In this case, the large bowl really helps to complement the three tiered trophy base.

The first and second tiers of the base are our Base #7 and Base #10. Both are made of pewter along with the trophy and engraving plaque, and they are hollow inside. The 3rd tier is a square wood base made of walnut that is also hollow on the inside to avoid excessive weight.

The engraving plaque is a single panel that is cut so the wood makes a 1/8" border to accent. Names of winners will be engraved with the year of the victory in columns. The names can also begin on the 1st and 2nd tier, but in this case, the client wanted to reserve that space for a title.

Making the Medallion

In order to make the medallion we start with a high-res image and send it to a 3D designer. The medallion is 3D printed in a resin first, and then cast in pewter via a centrifugal casting operation. On this design we had to create the client wanted the classic belt buckle western look in the background and the horse, rider, palm tree, and lettering in the foreground.

To do that we used different finishes to create a better sense of depth. The foreground is a high polish to a mirror finish like the trophy itself. A darker satin finish is used on the back although a bright accent on the ridges of the western belt buckle pattern brought it out to be a nice accent, almost like a brass belt buckle that has been polished by years of use.

Thoughts from the Designer

I really enjoyed the detail that went into the 3D medallion. The trophy looks beautiful of course, but the medallion really made it an original. Trying to replicate that western belt buckle style was something I'd never done in pewter. I talked to a couple other designers who have made careers in western motifs to get their thoughts on it, and in the end I think it came together nicely.

The Anatomy of a Trophy

A reference to the different parts of a trophy

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